Sanomat goes space!

Heute erreichte mich folgende Bestätigungsmail:

„Dear Humanoid,
Thank you for signing up to have your blog sent into space. The first transmission is scheduled for the week of August 12, 2005. Your blog will be included in that transmission. We will be using a five meter parabolic dish antenna with redundant high-powered klytrson amplifiers to transmit the signal (that was for all the nerds out there). You will receive a confirmation email each time your blog is transmitted.

Until then please help us spread the word! We have added a new feature called Space Posts that allows non-bloggers to upload a one-time message. We all have friends that don’t blog. We don’t like them as much as people that do, but it’s ok to still be nice to them and share stuff like this.”

Der Sinn dahinter? Ich kann ihn nicht erkennen, darum gefällt mir die Idee auch so gut!

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